My philosophy

Every life is nonconstant.

It is like water.

So, I play with water to depict flowing line




NY Library permanent collection 

'Redge 01',

part of portfolio project,

enter into New York Library

permanent collection.





Yuko Yamaguchi was born in Japan. It was long journey to get her style. 

She studied art under Ms. Ayano Fukasawa who is a traditional Japanese painter. 

After that, she studied at Fashion Illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology because her favorite artist, Francois Berthoud, commented on a magazine "if you wanna study fashion and art, you should go to NY, Paris, or Milan."  She also studied fashion illustration under Mr. Hiroshi Tanabe as assistant.  After graduated FIT, she works as a textile designer. It is a perfect job because it combines her two greatest interests, fashion and  art.  

Through  studying fashion, she created her philosophy. Fashion is not invariable. It is changing every moment, but also Every life is nonconstant.  It is like water. So, she plays with water to depict flowing linethrough MONO-PRINTING.




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